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What are the steps in roof coating installation?

How To Install Elastomeric Roof Coating | Unforgettable Coatings
How To Install Elastomeric Roof Coating | Unforgettable Coatings

The Elastomeric Roof Coating Application Process

Many business owners think that a roof replacement is their best option for restoring a commercial roof. These costly teardowns take time, money, and involve an unnecessary installation process. Fortunately, there is an improved roofing application that is faster, cost-effective, and increases the lifespan of your current system—elastomeric roof coatings.

Traditionally, commercial roofs need intense maintenance, replacement, or re-roofing services every 20 or so years. Roof coatings are a new, modernized solution that restores systems to their original efficiency by creating a barrier between the roof and the elements.

Unlike older methods, roof coatings involve an extremely simplified installation process that eliminates the usual teardown of the old system that fills up landfills. Instead, it builds upon the current system’s materials, improving what is already there for a more environmentally friendly solution.

When it comes time to restore your commercial roof, a roof coating will have the least impact on your day-to-day business operations versus a complete roof replacement. Here’s a quick look at the application process.

How to Install a Roof Coating

Proper application of an elastomeric roof coating involves a series of steps that should be done by a professional. How you apply the elastomeric fluid greatly influences how well the roof coating performs. A correctly applied roof coating will extend the life of your roof, reduce the likelihood of future roof repairs, and fix any current leaks in your roofing system. 

While every roofing company uses different application techniques, the roof coating contractors at Unforgettable Coatings draw upon years of experience to create a proven roof coating installation process that keeps the integrity of your roof intact.

The first step in this installation process prepares the structure for the roof coating service. Some of the roof coating preparation services are:

  • Clearing debris
  • Pressure washing 
  • Vacuuming
  • Scraping the roof surface 
  • Covering any windows, doors, or surfaces not receiving a coating application to limit exposure of the roof coating fluid

Our roof contractor will also spend time ensuring that every section is ready for the coating application. If any spot has blisters, cracks, holes, imperfections, or leaks, our team will target these problem areas, removing any rot and repairing the surface before applying a base coat. They will also prepare joints, flashings, protrusions, and fasteners, using silicone caulk or flashing grade material.

After preparing your commercial roof, your coating specialist will begin the elastomeric roof coating application.


Apply Base Coat of Elastomeric Fluid

Once the surface is ready for the service, your roof coating contractor will apply a base coat of the elastomeric fluid. Typically, the application involves spraying or rolling the custom coating mixture across the surface of the roof.


Drying Period

After applying the base coat to the roofing structure, professionals will allow 8-24 hours for the roof coat to thoroughly dry.


Apply Top Coat 

The next step of the elastomeric roof coating process is applying a topcoat, using a spray and back-roll method.


Additional Drying Period

Once the topcoat is applied to the roof, the coating will need to undergo another drying period before allowing any foot traffic. Once those steps are complete, your roof is ready for another 10-20 years of wear and tear.


How to Choose a Roofing Company

There are various options available when installing an elastomeric roof coating. You can perform the application on your own or employ the services of a roof coating installation company. Undertaking a DIY roof coating can cause unnecessary damage. It may also end up costing you more than working with a professional roof coating contractor. If you would rather make the safe choice, a roof coating installation company is your best bet.

When selecting a roof coating contractor, there are several factors you should consider, including experience, formulas, reputation, and cost.


Roof Contractor Experience

One factor that greatly impacts the value of a roof coating contractor is experience level. Roofing contractors with experience handling projects of your size and scale perform high-quality work. Roof coatings require knowledge, skill, and technique. They should also have all the proper licensing and insurance in place to ensure a successful, liability-free environment throughout your roof coating installation.

Along with asking for proof of insurance and licensing, you can also ask for referrals. These client referrals can give you significant insight into how a roof coating installation company has operated and performed for past clients.


Roof Coating Formula

When making your final decision about the roof coating installation company you want for your project, you should look for a contractor that offers the type of coating you want, along with the benefits and protection your specific roof needs. At UCI, our team mixes custom formulas based on the status of your current structure, size, and location.

Another indicator used when selecting an elastomeric roof coating is the weather. For instance, if your office building is warm and humid with a lot of sun exposure, it may require a different roof coating than one in an area with varied weather conditions.

Unforgettable Coatings offers customized elastomeric roof coating formulas that work the best for your specific location. Our commercial elastomeric roof coatings offer high corrosion resistance, excellent physical properties, and easy installation.


The Reputation of a Roof Coating Installation Company

One of the best ways to understand a roof coating installation company’s reputation among business owners is by looking at online reviews. Try to hire roofing contractors with high ratings and rave reviews online. Pay extra attention to a company’s most recent reviews. These reviews will most accurately depict how the contracting team currently operates.  

If you notice that a company’s reviews tend to scale on the negative side or receive less than a 3-star rating, it might indicate that they aren’t equipped to handle your roof coating project. Instead, it would help if you looked for contractors with an average review rating of 3.5- 4-stars. Make sure to look at reviews from each end of the spectrum, paying attention to reviews that included details on a company’s customer service. Doing so will help you narrow down your options to your final choice.

 You can check out the most recent reviews for Unforgettable Coatings online:

Roof Coating Installation Cost 

One of the benefits of an elastomeric roof coating is its cost savings. Not only is it one of the least expensive options, but it also reduces future energy expenses thanks to increased reflectivity. These reflective capabilities provide high-quality UV protection, which delivers a cooler and more comfortable environment inside the structure, so you won’t need to spend as much money running your HVAC system or similar utilities.

The cost of an elastomeric roof coating depends on the square footage of the roofing structure. The average price ranges between $1.35 to $1.80 per square foot, not including the cost of any necessary repairs.

The cost also depends on the integral status of your roof, what it is made of, as well as its size and slope. These factors will help your roof coating contractor determine the elastomeric formula, which will impact the final cost of installation.


The Roof Coating Contractors at Unforgettable Coatings

If you are ready for a quality roof coating installation, look no further than the commercial roof coating specialists at Unforgettable Coatings. Our experienced technicians understand the responsibilities and intricacies of working in complex environments. We will ensure that you get the most bang for your buck with whichever commercial roof coating service you choose. Together, we can execute your project, no matter the scale, nature, or classification.

The UCI roofing contractors provide custom elastomeric roof coating systems that increase the life of the roof and restore its integrity throughout Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. Rely on us to extend the life of your conventional roof through the application of our protective coatings. Our team will work with you to determine the best roof coating formula for your structure based on substrates, conditions, and an on-site reserve study.  

Contact us to start planning your elastomeric roof coating service today.

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