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Our Core Values

Gratitude • Compassion • Trust



Our Mission

To Serve And Inspire All Those We Encounter Along Our Path – A Path That Will Be Built & Coated By Great People Doing Great Things

Paint and coatings are what we do, providing unforgettable experiences is who we are

Cory Summerhays


Paint, on its own, doesn’t interest me nearly as much as people and relationships. These are what I’m genuinely passionate about. Business shouldn’t be solely about dollars in the bank, but rather how this interaction that you and I are having — this thoughtful cooperation — generates positive change for us both.  I find deep and genuine satisfaction in improving the lifestyle of those I serve and those I lead, and I’m consistently astounded by the fact that working to improve the life and lifestyle of others leads to improvements in my own.  I believe Zig Zigler said it best, ”You will have whatever you want in life as long as you focus on helping others achieve what they want.”

I’m most proud of my “home” business: 5 kids and Mrs. Co-Founder.  Serving them, looking for ways to generate positive change in their lives, brings more satisfaction than any other endeavor. I’ve learned that my family relationships need to rank first. They deserve the most attention and they generate incomparable rewards.  Creating and nurturing a company with friends that want to join and never want to leave, while certainly valuable, won’t bring me joy unless balanced well with family.

It will always be one of the great privileges of my life to have founded and led a team that has now grown into the hundreds. Building and sustaining that team has been made possible by remaining grounded in a set of core values enshrined at the heart of our company: Gratitude, Compassion, Trust. I say these words everyday and have been right more than wrong when making business decisions in alignment with them. As a result, I find myself surrounded by good people who share noble values. We are a team of problem solvers, trade painters, and craftsmen who are happiest when helping realize a vision.  Together, we pursue a mission that only partly includes paint: To serve and inspire all those we encounter along our path – a path that will be built & coated by Great People doing Great Things.

Yes, painting and specialty coatings are what we do; however, providing unforgettable experiences is who we are.

Shaun McMurry


Shaun joined the UCI ownership team in 2010 and led the company expansion into Utah, which is still the fastest growing office in the UCI family. While overseeing the Utah office, he also works with teams in Arizona and Las Vegas on sales and marketing efforts and always looks for ways to support the core company value of inspiring employees and customers through unforgettable experiences.

 Putting people first is a big part of the Unforgettable Coatings mission. That’s why Shaun works to build an environment of mutual trust and respect between workers, managers, and owners. Compassion and understanding for an employee’s personal, as well as his or her professional life shape Shaun’s business philosophy and management style.

“I’m driven by experiencing the happiness that work brings me and the happiness I see in employees,” he said. “I love seeing all the success in their lives. When they can go on vacation with their families, buy a new home, put their children through college, to see that Unforgettable Coatings had a hand in that, that’s what really drives me.”

Shaun studied business at Brigham Young University and has held leadership positions with other painting and trade industry enterprises. At one point in his career, he also developed educational institutions in Mexico to help children learn to speak English. Shaun lives in Highland, Utah, with his wife, Jessica, and three children.

Shane Sandall


As UCI’s Chief Business Officer, Shane Sandall manages vendor and supplier relationships and guides the strategic direction of the company’s Arizona office, which he opened shortly after coming on board in 2013. Shane’s innovation and relentless pursuit to improve marketing, operations and the employee experience significantly contribute to UCI’s business success and high community standing in the markets it serves. He also led the opening of UCI’s Idaho office in 2018. 

While working to maximize and constantly improve relationships with vendors, Shane is driven by his work with upper management team members to create unforgettable employee experiences. He has helped develop leadership programs and facilitate other efforts grounded in the company’s core values of gratitude, compassion, and respect. The results have been impressive, for sure, as UCI operates with minimal, almost non-existent, turnover in an industry with tremendously high turnover.

Before coming to UCI, Shane worked in sales and marketing for Dow Chemical, a Fortune 50 company. The bold move to build and grow a small business by prioritizing client and employee relationships over revenues has paid off. Since arriving, the upper management team has grown from about five people to more than 40 today.

Shane counts his mother as his greatest influence – for believing in him and modeling hard work and dedication while raising him as a single parent. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Brigham Young University and now lives in Queen Creek, Ariz. with his wife, Natalie, and five children.

Protect your investment

The whole process from the beginning to the end was great. I would have been pleased with the work that was performed in the outlined contract alone, but it was the extra details that made the project quality reach above and beyond my expectations.Thanks Unforgettable Coatings.

Mario DarangLegacy HOA

This was a large project with unexpected challenges outside of the scope of work. Not only did Unforgettable Coatings submit the necessary changes orders but also found a way to save the Association $18,000 from the contracted price. The project was completed under budget and on-time. We look forward to working with Unforgettable Coatings in the future.

ASTON ResortThe Viera Board of Directors, Viera HOA