Commercial paint and roof coatings happen to be What we do. Our philanthropy captures the essence of Who we are.

“We dream not of paint on future-built skyscrapers or bridges but of serving and inspiring those young people within our reach to be the builders of such structures.”

-Cory Summerhays, Founder & CEO

Unforgettable Gift

The “Unforgettable Gift” grant program by UCI provides one family every year with $15k to spend on fertility procedures or adoption services. The program started in 2016 and continually reminds our entire exterior painting and commercial roof contracting team the importance of our work.

2018 ‘Unforgettable Gift’ Recipient
Mireya’s “Unforgettable Scholarship” Story

SafeNest is a non-profit program committed to ending domestic violence in Clark County, Nevada. An additional part of their mission lends support to those affected by broken homes. They do this by inspiring hope in future generations and focusing on personal empowerment. For over two years, UCI has been a special donor to SafeNest, donating funds earned through our commercial painting projects.

An Unforgettable Gift. Christmas Eve. Every year since 2010.

I was blessed with an incredibly kind and loving mother. She is by far the most selfless individual I know. As a single teenage mother of two, she still managed to support her young family by working two jobs, oftentimes late into the night. I don’t remember opening gifts during the holiday season as a child, I do remember visiting kids we didn’t know and buying them gifts the day before Christmas.

The one gift I do remember receiving as a young boy was a set of red Rossignol skis, the ones with a small rooster on the tips. Such an expensive gift was out of the norm on Christmas Day and therefore made an indelible mark on my memory. The gift came from my mother’s employer, a man named Leon. This man became my first mentor, my first Business Leader, one that, to this day, I still don’t really know.

This company holiday tradition is a nod to both Mom and Leon — two who have inspired me, and left me forever following their lead.

– Cory Summerhays, Founder & CEO

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The whole process from the beginning to the end was great. I would have been pleased with the work that was performed in the outlined contract alone, but it was the extra details that made the project quality reach above and beyond my expectations.Thanks Unforgettable Coatings.

Mario DarangLegacy HOA

This was a large project with unexpected challenges outside of the scope of work. Not only did Unforgettable Coatings submit the necessary changes orders but also found a way to save the Association $18,000 from the contracted price. The project was completed under budget and on-time. We look forward to working with Unforgettable Coatings in the future.

ASTON ResortThe Viera Board of Directors, Viera HOA