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If your commercial roofing structure requires repairs or you need a complete roof replacement, chances are you need a system that can add years to the life of the roof with a protective coating application from Unforgettable Coatings. Our commercial roof coating company can extend the life of your conventional roof by applying a protective roof coating.

Based on the substrates, conditions, and reserve study, our commercial painting contractors will recommend either an acrylic, urethane, or silicone elastomeric application, designed to restore your original roof investment. Trust the commercial roof coating specialists in Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, and Utah, Unforgettable Coatings, with all your roof coating needs.

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Recover and save. The responsible choice

Avoid filling up overcrowded landfills with your old roof system. Make the green choice with UCI’s commercial roof coating system. The highly-reflective, glossy finish of our roof coatings will also help you reduce building energy costs.

Commercial Roof Coatings Cost

Save time and money

Commercial roof coatings are a sustainable approach that has a real impact on your bottom line. A professionally installed coating system can either be amortized in the first year or over the lifetime of the roof.

Recover the integrity of your roof, while also saving on labor costs and landfill expenses with a commercial roof coating. Plus, you won’t need to interrupt normal business operations while our team coats your roof! It’s a win-win.

Long live your roof

You deserve a roof coating that is seamless and includes a weather-tight seal that protects your current roof system against ultraviolet light and severe weather.

The commercial roof coatings system at UCI does this and more by eliminating common leak sources and withstands permanent ponding water. With the installation of an appropriate commercial-grade coating system, our commercial roof coatings will extend the life of your roof.

As the experts of commercial roofing, here is Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Roof Coatings.

Protect your investment

The whole process from the beginning to the end was great. I would have been pleased with the work that was performed in the outlined contract alone, but it was the extra details that made the project quality reach above and beyond my expectations.Thanks Unforgettable Coatings.

Mario DarangLegacy HOA

This was a large project with unexpected challenges outside of the scope of work. Not only did Unforgettable Coatings submit the necessary changes orders but also found a way to save the Association $18,000 from the contracted price. The project was completed under budget and on-time. We look forward to working with Unforgettable Coatings in the future.

ASTON ResortThe Viera Board of Directors, Viera HOA