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Unforgettable Coatings furthers its company mission by giving back to Nevada residents amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. Learn more on the UCI blog.

Nevada Team Gives Back to Residents During COVID-19 Outbreak

Unforgettable Coatings believes in making a difference through our philanthropy efforts. Not only is our commercial painting company dedicated to providing Nevada residents with painting and roofing services, but doing all we can in the community.

The Coronavirus outbreak has had unprecedented effects on countries all over the world. Nevada residents throughout the state are feeling it too. Our Nevada branch set out to help those affected by the virus and the current economy decline by handing out gift cards to a local gas station.

Local reporters at 8 News Now covered the incident, as well as those other companies making a difference. The article details, “Another separate line formed at a nearby 7-Eleven gas station where a painting contractor, Unforgettable Coatings, Inc., handed out gas gift cards for drivers at the food bank. They were giving out 1,000 cards.”

Philanthropy has long been an essential aspect of the Unforgettable Coatings mission. Our annual service efforts keep us focused on why we do what we do. We are grateful for all our clients that allow us to participate in donations, services, and other philanthropy services.

You can read the entire report at 8 News Now or watch the story below.

Learn more about Unforgettable Coatings’ philanthropy efforts, as well as our commercial painting and roof contracting service by contacting us today.

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