Lake Las Vegas Painting Company
Lake Las Vegas Commercial Painting Company

Unforgettable Coatings was hired as the painting company for the Construction Defect Program at the Viera Condominium Association property located in Lake Las Vegas. The Viera Board of Directors and staff were very pleased with the results of their property and adjoining commercial property once the project was complete. We knew this project would temporally inconvenience the owners and residents at the Viera Condominium. Coordination efforts were made in order to have management, owners, residents and Aston hotel guests all on the same page with constant updated information. This was successfully done with notifications available on Unforgettable Coatings “Eyesite™” website. We expected daily clean-up of the property so that the owners, residents and short-term guests were not burdened by the clutter and debris of equipment and painting supplies. This was a large project with unexpected challenges outside of the scope of work. Not only did Unforgettable Coatings submit the necessary change orders but also found a way to save the Association $18,000 from the contracted price. 120’ super boom lifts, 5-story scaffolding and 40’ ladders were all orchestrated without any problems. The project was completed under budget and on time. We look forward to working with Unforgettable Coatings in the future.

The Viera Board of Directors